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"Emily" Huong Doan, DDS

Dr. Emily completed dual BS degrees in Mathematics and Biological Sciences at the University of California, Irvine.  Subsequently she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the prestigious University of the Pacific in San Francisco, where she was a recipient of several awards both academically and extracurricularly.  She is happily married to Dr. Thomas Nguyen, an internist and hospitalist serving patients of the Central Coast.  They have two young sons.

Our Philosophy & Mission

Services We Offer:

  • Children & Family Dentistry

  • Preventative Care

  • Tooth Whitening

  • Cosmetic Fillings & Veneers

  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Metal-Free Dentures

  • Root Canals & Simple Extractions

  • Emergency Visits

Patient Resources

Pay-It-Forward Friday

Charities our participants have contributed so far in 2023:

2023 Contributors $3750 (Monica, Dan, Gai, Elizabeth, Kylie, Laura, Cristel, Melissa, Cindi, Pedro, Bryan, Derek, Greg, Kody, Pamela, Michael, Elia, Allan, Annie, Amanda, Janet, Christopher, Emily, Corinne, Kelley, Kaitlin, Colleen, Ashley, Bryce, Jennifer, Bridgit, Gabriel, Tiffany, Anthony, Abraham, Sylvia, Sabrina, Dianna, Erin, Aman, Toby, Esmeralda, Alexandra, Joseph, Cyprus, Jasmin, Melinda, Linda, Lesley, Summer, Armand, Fidel, Jared, Thomas, Brent, Caroline, Maureen, Kelly, Robert, Kristen, Stacy, Darrin, Trung, Beth, Jeff, Savannah, Kori, Lizeth ...)

2022 Contributors $2550 (Emily, Jill, Trevor, Laura, Chris, Cindi, Katherine, Derek, Colton, Kelly, Hillary, Stephanie, Charles, Corinne, Timothy, Kaitlin, Celeste, Allan, Emily, Deborah, Ana, Bryce (2), Jasmin, Carol, Jennifer, Kimberlee, Alexandra, Toby, Kevin, Linda, Bryan, Ashley, Armand, Colleen, Brittny, Jeff, Andres, Chelsea, Thomas, Caroline, Muna, Brent, Davinia, Cloey, Jill, Carol, Kelly, Jennifer, Marcos...)

2021 Contributors $3300 (Marni-Lynn, Toby, Emily, Mariela, Wyatt, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Annie, Stephanie, Kody, Celeste, Karen, Zoe, Lizeth, Heidi, Steve, Jim, Genesis, Tiffany, Christian, Andrew, Brian, Sarah, Gonzalo, Bryce, Abraham, Jennifer, Christopher, Andres, Kelley, Darrin, Stacy, Henry, Sharon, Caroline, Muna, Riley, Alexandra, Davinia, Bryan, Matthew, Michelle, Colleen, Heather, Armand, Sabreena, Brittny, Eileen, Jaquelin, Jessica, Cloey, Melissa, Jeff, Jennifer, Tony...)

2020 Contributors $1290 (Valerie, Brian, Greg, Jasmin, Jennifer, Joe, Kirsten, Rena, Cristel, Katerina, Michelle, Susan, Amand, Sarah, Jeff, Gabriel, Janna, Toby, Jacob, Zoe, Kimberlee, Annie, Michael, Steve, Jose ...)  

2019 Contributors $1350 (Jacob, Barrie, Armand, Michelle, Davinia, Pedro, Victor, Lacey, Eduardo, Sabreena, Martyn, Eileen, Mariela, Kelsey, Tiffany, Lucy, Patrick, Noemi, Laura, Aina, MarniLynn, Ian, ...)

THANK YOU for your generous supports while maintaining your cheerful smile

Eunice Mendoza, RDA

We believe that each patient deserves the best.  We value and care for each individual as our own family member.  Our mission is to deliver quality individualized dental care to restore confidence and maintain lifelong oral health through encouragement, compassion, respect and honesty.


Our Team

Kyler Holder, RDA
Shaelyn Calkins, DA
Rachel Mendoza, DA
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